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Jared here.

As a Children's Pastor with over a decade of experience, the Lord has continually expanded my love for the people He calls to serve kids. You're my favorite people, and I'm pretty sure you're His too, but I might be biased.

Over the years I've been blessed to serve in capacities I felt I had no business serving in. I'd be given the opportunity to train other Kidmin leaders in a local setting or at a major Kidmin conference and imposter syndrome would kick in. I'd look around and everyone serving in a similar capacity would be making a major contribution to the Kidmin Community. What did I have? Good ideas? I felt like I was out of my league.

By no means have I "arrived", but as I've discovered the tool of Enneagram and how it can be used to bring clarity to my relationships with others and with God, I've come to find that this is something I have. This is something I can contribute.

So as my wife and I embark on this journey of Enneagram Coaching together, I'm going to be giving special attention to this community. It's my offering to you and to the Lord. I hope it blesses you.

*Launch Special*

Every new membership in July 2021 receives a bonus 1:1 coaching session. Yes, even the free one.
Total Access Members may choose to do a team presentation.

Student in Library


Access to community of leaders discussing Kidmin through the lens of the Enneagram.



Students with iPad

VIP Member

All membership perks plus monthly group enneagram coaching and bonus Kidmin training and a typing interview.



Man on Mobile Phone


Everything including in the VIP Membership plus a monthly 1:1 Coaching Session.




Jumbled Word, Clear Coaching

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