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About US

Jared & Hannah Lilly live in the Charlotte Metro in North Carolina where they raise their three kids.  They have over 10 years experience in church leadership and team building.


"Enneagram works differently. It reveals not what a person does, but why they do it. From the Greek words for nine (ennea) and drawing (gram), the Enneagram is a nine-pointed geometric symbol. Each point represents a basic personality Type and a specific pattern of thinking and way of being." -Beth McCord, Your Enneagram Coach

Access Enneagram works with teams to help them build their Emotional Intelligence not only to streamline conflict management within the work place, but to supercharge their team dynamics as they begin to understand each other.

Using a Gospel-Centered Enneagram approach for personal coaching, they help their clients access understanding of themselves and their relationships to God and others. 

What is the enneagram?

Schedule your free, no-pressure discovery session to learn more about what the enneagram and learn how we can best serve you.


How we Can Help You


Discovery Session

Learn more about the enneagram, how it works, and how it can promote transformation through a gospel centered approach in a no-pressure, 30 minute meeting. 

Young Confident Woman

Typing Interview

Learn more about your Core Personality Type and your Core Motivations including your Core Desire, Longing, Fear, and Longing. Discover your strength and weakness.

Video Conference

1:1 Coaching

Take the first step to transformation as you dive deep into your Core Type. You'll learn more about your response to stress and what practical steps you can take towards God's best for you.

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